FUTBOL - FOOTBALL People from every continent, from all walks of life, religion, gender, and race are brought together in harmony by the magic of soccer. The Michigan Coastal Soccerfest and its staff mission is to provide you with the passion competitiveness, fair play,and fun of this world sport.

May 26, 27, 28 2017

michigan coastal soccerfest

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The World’s game for more than two centuries. Every four years a nation will host national teams from around the world. They come together to play in a competitive and fun like environment, the most popular sport in the World.

Michigan Coastal Soccerfest 

HOLLAND - WEST MICHIGAN On the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa, Holland offers one of the most beautiful and attractive areas in the mid west. Our community, with its rich Dutch culture and a festive blend of Hispanic and Asian ethnicity, provides an outstanding hospitality. Our West Michigan soccer clubs make the Michigan Coastal Soccerfest, Holland and West Michigan, an unforgettable, fun place to visit.